The Origins of Opera and the Future of Programming

Jessica Kerr



Abstract There’s a story to tell, about musicians, artists, philosophers, scientists, and then programmers.

There’s a truth inside it that leads to a new view of work, that sees beauty in the painful complexity that is software development.

Starting from The Journal of the History of Ideas, Jessica traces the concept of an "invisible college" through music and art and science to programming. She finds the dark truth behind the 10x developer, a real definition of "Senior Developer," and a new word for our work and our teams: symmathesy, a learning system of learning parts, that is both us and our code. We become great together, by learning from each other.

Bio Jessica is a developer of developer automation at Atomist. She’s obsessed with systems, especially the ones with software in them. For output, she tweets at @jessitron, podcasts on >Code, and flies around the world to speak at conferences.

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