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The Resilient
Socio-Technical Systems

REdeploy is REturning for 2019!

REdeploy, the software development and operation industry's premier conference Resilience Engineering and building resilient socio-technical systems at scale is returning to San Francisco for 2019!

What is REdeploy?

We’re back to continue exploring and learning about what it really means to build solid, sustainable infrastructures—not only for our code and infrastructure, but for our organizations and people as well.

REdeploy was launched in 2018, born from a passion for Resilience Engineering: the study of a system’s ability to withstand changes in its structure and impacts from its environment and still function effectively.

We believe teams can not only survive, but thrive, when faced with failure. And we believe teams can be more successful when they share stories, tips, and tricks about how other teams dealt with failure, fundamental surprises, and designing resilience into their own systems.

To see the topics that over 200 people explored together, take a look at last year’s presentation videos below!

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If so, REdeploy is for you!


Oct 16th — 17th, 2019


Bespoke SF

Westfield San Francisco Centre

845 Market Street

San Francisco, CA

Near the Powell BART/Muni Station

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A Sampling of REdeploy 2018

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