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A Message About REdeploy 2020

REdeploy was born of the goal to build an engaged community of those practicing Resilience Engineering in software and operations. From the beginning, we wanted to examine the facets of resilience in technology, our teams, and the resilience we as individuals bring to bear equally.

So many of us are dealing with both the impact of the pandemic and the secondary economic, social, political, and environmental effects. Many of us are facing challenges we'd never dreamt of and becoming aware of challenges those near to us have long since experienced.

Given these current realities, we believe it is hypocritical to hold an event in 2020—online or otherwise—when we believe, as a core tenet, that the cultivation of personal resilience is critical to the practice of Resilience Engineering.

We are all heavily tapping into our adaptive capacities, testing our interpredictability with work colleagues and in our personal relationships, and doing our best to effectively cope with the myriad daily challenges. As a community of practitioners, the best use of what energy we have left over right now is supporting each other in that endeavor in these times of stress and strain.

When we emerge from this "new normal" into our next normal, we plan to return with you. To stay connected in the meantime, be sure to join the mailing list.

Until then, stay safe. Stay healthy. Help others stay safe and healthy. And as you work to extend grace and empathy to others, please remember to extend them both to yourselves, too.

We'll see you again soon.

J. Paul Reed
Founder, REdeploy

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