Approaching Overload: Automation as Fellow Responders

Marisa Grayson

Mile Two, LLC


Abstract Software systems operate at an unprecedented scale today, requiring extensive automation to develop and maintain services. The systems are designed to regularly adapt to dynamic load, though anomalies inevitably challenge Site Reliability Engineers and incident responders’ ability to mitigate and manage saturation. As the systems scale and complexity grows, it becomes more difficult to observe, model, and track how the systems function and malfunction. Black box artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies promise to solve future issues, but in isolation, will fail. Can we still work together with this evolving generation of tools to manage overload?

This talk will explore cases showing how people and machines can act as cognitive agents in resilient, joint systems. A different framing can help us design tools and artificial agents smarter.

Bio Marisa Grayson is a Cognitive Systems Engineer at Mile Two LLC, where she manages and envisions the design of human-machine systems. Marisa recently received her Masters of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the Ohio State University. She is a member of the SNAFU Catchers Consortium and an alumni of the Cognitive Systems Engineering Lab. She has performed research in healthcare, defense intelligence, and distributed software systems. Her work spans user-experience design, data analysis, and complex resilient systems. In 2019, Marisa won the HFES Healthcare App Design Competition and won awards at the 2019 Swarm and Search AI Challenge.

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