Collaboration, Coordination, Co-Design CoEvolution: Challenges to Resilience in Concurrent SocioTechnical System Design

Jabe Bloom



Abstract Much has been made of the requirement for teams to be collaborative and we all know teams need to coordinate, whether it be during sprint planning or incident response. But are "collaboration" and "coordination" the same thing?

And just how do these two activities fit into the evolution of our work systems, both the technical aspects and the social structures? How do we reason about and influence this over longer timespans? Can we? This talk introduces the ideas of co-design and co-evolution, both of which shed light onto the answer.

Bio Jabe Bloom has been working to align design, innovation, development, and operational excellence in organizations for more than 20 years. He is an experienced executive leader of software and product development companies, serving in numerous executive roles including: Chief Architect, Principal Technical Director, Chief Technical Officer, Chief Executive Officer, and Chief SocioTechnical Officer.

As an academic and international consultant, Jabe teaches students and clients design, strategy, innovation and flow thinking through a series of lectures, workshops, classes, and coaching.

Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Design Studies at Carnegie Mellon University (PA), his research focuses on understanding how temporality can inform the field of Transition Design. His academic research informs an ongoing exploration of the practice of design and strategy with a select group of international clients. He is a founder of and the Chief SocioTechnical Officer at PraxisFlow, a consultancy focused on applying scientific and design research methodologies to enable exploration, increase flow, improve software engineering and create operational excellence.

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