Try Catch Blocks for your Distributed System

Cecilia Deng



Abstract Whether you are trying to introduce change or the world is introducing it for you, your distributed system needs to be able to handle it. You want pipelines that help ensure your expected changes are good, but you also want detectors for both expected and unexpected change in production, as well as preparations within your system to protect against bad change like dependency failures or latency spikes. In this talk I explore catching distributed system problems and handling them with approaches like caching, retries and tactics to take advantage of multi-host redundancy.

Bio Cecilia Deng is a software development engineer turned manager at Amazon Web Services, delivering services powered by the cloud that support some of the biggest online companies today, including Netflix, Spotify, and Pinterest. Cecilia joined AWS from Vancouver, BC over 3 years ago where she was creating online services for the games industry at Electronic Arts. She graduated from the University of British Columbia with a degree in Computer Science and Math.

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