Mindfulness at Work: A Way to Overcome the Overwhelm

Lee Kussmann

WillowTree, Inc.


Abstract Working adults rarely can be as productive or effective with their work if they feel overwhelmed and overstressed at their jobs. In the technology world, this feeling of stress is all too common in our "go go go" society. This overwhelm at work so often also impacts personal lives by continuing to have these feelings of anxiety after work hours. It’s crucial to be mindful about these feelings and have the correct tools to overcome the overwhelm. In this talk, I will discuss tricks and tips for dealing with overwhelm, anxiety, and stress at work. I will also talk about how mindfulness impacts personal wellbeing as well as productivity and team dynamics. You will come away from this talk with a set of tools that you can apply today to deal with overwhelm.

Bio As a Software Test Engineer at WillowTree, Inc., a digital products agency based in Charlottesville, VA, Lee Kussmann knows about the pressures of a fast paced work environment. She is passionate about understanding the mind-body connection and how state of mind can affect physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing both at work and at home. Her hobbies include spending time outside, horseback riding, doing yoga, and being involved in her local community. She is always willing to talk about mindfulness, health and fitness, and the latest Game of Thrones fan theories.

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