Operating at the Edge of the Envelope

Laura MD Maguire

Ohio State University


Abstract Resilience is everywhere in continuous deployment environments. Without it, the scale and scope of digital operations would not be possible. From Site Reliability Engineers who detect, diagnose and resolve outages to Architects who build adaptive capacity into their systems to managers who create conditions for radical collaboration during high stress outages, resilient performance is a uniquely human capability but, can we actually ‘engineer’ resilience into distributed, at scale systems?

This talk will explore how, despite 30+ years of complex systems research, the questions around how to engineer resilient systems defies an easy answer.

Bio Laura Maguire is a graduate researcher with the Cognitive Systems Engineering Laboratory at the Ohio State University. She spent 15 years working in safety systems design and management in high risk/high consequence industries before returning to school to complete her PhD in Resilience Engineering. An avid alpine climber and backcountry skier, Laura brings both her professional and personal experiences to her research in understanding how expert practitioners use anticipation, adaptation and coordination to manage disruptive events.

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